SN Name of Faculty Designation

Department of Commerce
1 Dr. P. S. Changole Officiating Principal
2 Dr. P. S. Changole Associate Professor
3 Dr. P. D. Hadke Associate Professor
4 Dr. V. G. Ukinkar Associate Professor
5 R. N. Gosavi Associate Professor
6 Dr. S. M. Jiwankar Asst. Professor
7 Dr. R. S. Satokar Asst. Professor
8 Dr. S.R. Jichkar Asst. Professor
9 N. V. Chopde Asst. Professor
10 Dr. V. Y. Waghale Asst. Professor
11 Dr. K. D. Meghe Asst. Professor
12 Dr. S. B. Jambhulkar Asst. Professor
13 Dr.D. N. Khadse Asst. Professor
14 Dr. S. C. Thakre Asst. Professor
15 Dr.K. A. Wangal Asst. Professor
16 Dr. P.M. Joshi Asst. Professor

Department of English
17 Dr. Bipasha Ghoshal Associate Professor
18 Dr. A.D. Kherdekar Associate Professor
19 Dr.M.S. Wankhede Assistant Professor
20 Dr. R.D. Bhelkar Assistant Professor
21 Dr. K.K. Askar Assistant Professor
22 Ms. L.J. Murkute- Kolhe Assistant Professor

Department of Marathi
23 Dr. B.V. Khapekar Associate Professor
24 Dr. R. K. Shobhane Associate Professor

Department of Sanskrit
25 Dr. Meera Singh Kakan Associate Professor

Department of Economics
26 Dr.Swarnalata B. Warke Associate Professor
27 Dr.. Kishor Dhote Assistant Professor
28 Mr. Rajendra Motghare Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology
29 Mr. S.S. Gaherwar Associate Professor
30 Mr. M.V. Khelkar Assistant Professor

Department of History
31 Dr. J.V. Khadse Associate Professor

Department of Political Science
32 Dr. P.P. Sonone Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy
33 Dr. Mrs. Y.P. Hadke Associate Professor

Department of Geography
34 Dr. K.P. Deshmukh Associate Professor

Department of Physical Education
35 Dr. D.C. Wankhede Associate Professor
36 Miss M.R. Shitoot Associate Professor
37 Mr. S.S. Dadhe Assistant Professor

Department of Management
38 Dr. Mukul Burghate Associate Professor
39 Dr. Rajesh Timane Assistant Professor
40 Dr. Kavita Patil Assistant Professor