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World Environment Day

Tree Plantation on World Environment Day !

In order to contribute to the positives and negatives from the use of our environment; the institute celebrated ‘World Environment Day’ today; on Saturday, 5th of June’ 2010. In the picture, the faculty of Dhanwate National College can be seen with the group of students planting trees (Neem, Ashoka and Gul-Mohor). This group of students is from across different colleges in Nagpur and was seen proud of what they have been contributing to the environment. The program was inspired with constant support from our Principal, Dr. B. B. Taywade and ably supported by faculties of management and self financing department viz., Rajesh Timane, Rajesh Mahajan, Sarita Karangutkar, Shamli Pande, Parag Joshi, Rupali Aglave, Muktai Chavan and Narendra Akotkar.

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