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Establishment of Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IP Cell)

Dhanwate National College’s Department of Business Administration (UG) took initiative in the establishment of IPR Cell as on 26th February’2018. The initiative was aimed at advocacy and awareness building in the matter of intellectual property rights. This was conceivable because the faculty from Department of Business Administration  has undergone around 15 certifications in the area IP from RGNIIPM, DIPP, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

The guest of honour being Dr. DK Burghate, Principal, Shri Shivaji Science College, Nagpur; also present were Dr PS Changole, Head of Commerce department and Dr RD Bhelkar, IQAC Coordinator.

The initiative was taken by Dr Rajesh Timane, Member Secretary of IP Cell who elaborated on its importance, IP Cell Member Jyoti Naidu conducted the proceedings, while IP Cell Convenor Priyanka Wandhe proposed the vote of thanks.

The scope of IP Cell of Dhanwate National College includes;

  • Conducting IPR related activities as envisioned by the IP cell.
  • Inter-departmentally collaborated students competitions.
  • Programme development towards fostering innovation among students.
  • Joint workshop and seminars in the domain of intellectual property rights.
  • Any other activities as jointly decided by the collaborating departments.

Press Release

Press Release

(The Hitavada: March 01, 2018)

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