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Placement Drive by NIIT in DNC

Placement Drive Conducted by NIIT in Dhanwate National College

A placement drive was organised by Dhanwate National College in collaboration with NIIT Nagpur for the under-graduate students of the institute pursuing various courses such as;

  • B. Com
  • BBA &
  • BCCA

Inspired by the Executive Council Member of Shri Shivaji Education Society, Dr. Hemant Kalmegh; the placement drive was organised under the able guidance of Officiating Principal Dr. P.S. Changole and coordinated by Dr. Rajesh Timane. NIIT Director Rina Sinha conducted the various shortlisting procedures along with her team members Mohit Paroche and Harsha Gongle.

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The placement drive was further aided by Dr. Parag Joshi for BCom students, Ms Priyanka Wandhe for BBA students and by Dr. Pravin Ghosekar for BCCA students. A total of 84 students participated in the drive of which 25 were short-listed for the first round of which 16 students then short-listed for the second round.



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