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Placement Drive

Graduate Placement by State Bank of India Cards

A placement drive was organised at Dhanwate national College by SBI Cards Division on 10th of August 2015 for graduate students. About  60 students participated and 14 students were short listed which include: Mrunali Dive, Shikha Kontangle , Lalita Itankar , Shrikant Pendor, Mangesh Thakre , Yusuf Khan, Shashank Mate , Ganesh Patode, Shruti Lokhande ,Nikita Kamble, Lalit Parwekar, Vishal Deogkar, Snehal Kawle and Pratik Rannawane.

The selected candidates include:

  1. Yusuf Khan
  2. Shrikant Pendor
  3. Lalit Parwekar and
  4. Pratik Rannawar

The placement drive was coordinated by Dr. Rajesh Timane, Head of BBA Department and Dr. Parag Joshi, Placement Coordinator under the able guidance of Principal Dr. B.B. Taywade.

Placement - Appeared, Shortlisted and Selected

Placement - Gender Ratio

The above chart shows some of the companies visited the campus during academic session 2015-16.

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